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What I need from you: 

  • Cash payment in advance. NO checks!!! US dollars only!
  • A written "bio" telling me about your dog(s). What their typical daily routine is like, etc? What upsets him and what you would do to calm him down.
  • Dog food*, treats* and any meds(if required) with your dog's name written clearly on each package. *Meds must come in their original container with the original labels, along with a complete schedule for meds.
  • If your dog uses puppy pads, bring detergent to us not pads. I use "washable" (reuseable) pads. Don't ask me how much to bring. You understand washing and how long you will be gone. I will need to wash daily....if your dog, hopefully, uses them. Do not rebottle this. Buy a bottle...but DO NOT send me some in an old plastic label...I don't know what it is. A base brand will cost a couple of dollars...what will it cost to give me 2~3 pads a day to last the whole time you are gone?( yes, 2~3!!! I am not going to keep a smelly pad laying around MY floor for a whole day. Would you?)
  • All dogs need to arrive wearing a harness or chock collar. I have not explained this before... I never thought I needed to. Your dog MUST arrive wearing a collar. How will I be able to bring him out of the car and into my home without a collar(and not a loose fitting one)? A chock collar is NOT the one with the metal "teeth". If your dog is that headstrong/hard to handle/stubborn, do not ask me to watch someone that is better suited to care for him. Do not try...don't even ask. I will interview big dogs to decide if I can handle them...PERIOD. If you waited till the last minute and there is no time to make other plans that is not my concern. He may be a sweet bear with you. That does NOT mean he will be as cooperative with me. If he were my only camper perhaps it would be different, but he will not be the only one.
  • All paperwork(reservation form, bio, copy of shot record and 2 photographs) needs to be sent(email) at least 2 days before the boarding date. I need to have time to study them and ask any questions I may have, before you leave island. Please send on same email.
  • Power of attorney is needed for all dogs staying over one month, with ANY serious medical problem that could pop up again, elderly dogs or dogs PCSing(with or without owner). POA must be good for at least 6 months.( One year if you are deploying or PCSing.) These POA needs to say "for any and all medical,
  • transporation and rehoming needs for my dog, (name him)". Although Base Legal will say it is already written in the special POA for pets, I want you to have that line added exactly as stated. This is very easy to understand. I require "transporation" whether you are PCSing or not. I have had people who left on vacation, had a major family emergency and did not return to OKinawa as originally planned. Their pet was stuck here for nearly 2 months trying to get the paperwork done. I would rather have a POA and not need it, than need it and not have it. I ask you to add "rehoming" if you are leaving island without paying the total transportation costs. You're only planning on going on vacation or PCS and send for your pet later. Great! But reality is not always what we plan. Without written permission(POA)to rehome I can't do anything for your pet. I would never think to rehome a pet as long as you continue to pay for boarding and/or keep in touch(or your on island contact does.). I love pets and understand they are(or should be) part of the family...but this is a business. I have kept pets for their owners hoping to get them back to states(once for over 1 1/2 years), but sadly it didn't happen. These were not uncaring owners. Some fight back tears when they say they can't come up with the money. I hope you is your pets I care about. I will not keep them here forever without your having a "workable" plan. That is not fair to them. All dogs deserve a home of their own. If you still don't have a plan after 30 days, do you really expect one to turn up? I have and will bend over backwards to help. But I can't do it for you.
  • Sign a copy of the reservation form HERE (click)
  • If your dog is an escape artist ..he must to arrive wearing a harness* that fits snuggly. Now that seems logical enough but you would be surprised how many dogs arrive with harnesses that are too big or not adjusted.
  • I have bedding(which I change every day or every other day depending on the dog and the weather), toys(stuffed and chew)and kennels(the giant size for huge dogs). I do not accept these items from you unless you are donating them. I would rather spend the 5-10 minutes that it takes to keep track of your pets "stuff" , playing with your pet.

  * Please bring dog food either in the original unopened dog food bags or plastic bags(storage bags not garbage bags) or containers(you don't want back) with your dogs name, dog foods name, brand and eating schedule written clearly on each bag/container. Don't over-fill the bags. (They pop open as I am carrying them and spill all over the ground and you will be charged for replacement fees. Please remember I do not watch large dogs because I have some trouble with my back. Sending the LARGE bags(30 lbs.or over) of dog food is going to sit in my car and not make it to your pet. Consider sending a few smaller bags or rebag it yourself in plastic ziplock storage(2 gallon size). Do NOT over fill. No plastic trash bags, they are not strong enough and will tear between my car to my house. If you send more dog food then is needed..any remaining food will be donated to feeding stray and rescued dogs in my area. As for canned food, DO NOT send me any opened cans.

* If you dog is an escape artist, I want to keep him as safe as possible. You can either have a harness for him or I will purchase one and you will be charged.

Why the form? I hear from 15 to 20 people a day about their dogs, I do not want to confuse your dog with someone else's dog. All records are kept for further reference. But you will need to update them each info, on island contact(make sure they know they are the contact and are on island...I often contact them to let them know how your dog is doing), medical updates and boarding dates.

Dog requirements:

  • Small to medium dogs (For larger dogs, please contact to schedule an interview)
  • If you have a dog that is aggressive and can not be around other dogs DO NOT ask us to watch him/them. We understand not all dogs get along. We are not thinking about minor upsets but what we would consider a safety concern if kept around other dogs. If you give us a dog that is aggressive and it tries to attack one of us or another dog...I will take it immediaitely to Karing Kennel. We will NOT contact you first to see what you want done. You will be responsible for the full bill for the Karing Kennel and the unused portion of the boarding fee you have paid Camp Canine will be forfeited.
  • Non-aggressive(Aggressive dogs will be returned to your"on island contact" and the remaining boarding fee will be forfeited. Please note..all dogs play..some loudly..some growl...that is NOT aggressive...that is just establishing dominance. I do not make that judgement call often. Aggressive is attacking/drawing blood from me or one of the other dogs and not letting go. Any dogs that are uncontrolable will be treated the same as aggressive dogs...returned to the on island contact with all fees forfeited. Uncontrollable are the ones we see on "the dog whisperer" ..before...the ones that can't be walked...they drag you around. Very few of these dogs have every come to Camp Canine. You are responsible for any and all vet and/or medical bills caused by your dog.
  • UTD(up to date) on all shots (written proof of completion from the vet-ONLY*)
  • Kennel-cough shot (written proof from vet*)NO EXCEPTIONS! Kennel cough is like pneumonia. It is relatively mild except for puppies, elderly dogs or dogs with other physical problems. but it goes from one to another quickly.
  • English Bulldogs and all overweight dogs. I want to see and touch your bulldog before I agree to watch him. We will NOT take bulldogs(or other breeds) that are grossly overweight. They are a time bomb waiting to blow. Many bulldog owners think a chucky bulldog is cute, like a fat baby. No! You are shortening their life span by years. They have health issues because of their breed. But no dog deserves to be overweight. With every extra pound that you put on them( Yes, you!), makes walking, being outside, playing more difficult. This is a health issue that I do not want to deal with. I am resposible for the health and safety of your dogs. This issue requires more of my time than you are willing to spend and it is your dog. Don't tell me that your husband is deployed, your expecting, have a really busy work schedule and you can't exercise him as much as usual. If you are overweight and aren't able to exercise more, what do you do? Cut back on how much you eat! Do the same for your dog. If you want to have your dog around as long as possible, stop your children from feeding leftovers and snacks to your dog. "It is difficult to stop them", "they do it when I am not looking". All really great excuses. But your dog is still losing years of his life because you are not willing to take control. You need to handle your dog's daily intake, accept that they will die years to soon or rehome them to someone that is committed to keeping their pet healthy. Having a pet is not just a hobby. It is a responsibility for LIFE. If you are willing to take responsibility, we are willing to help. We have helped pets lose weight while in our care for many years. We have had some great successes. We have helped customers work out a balance between their dogs weight and exercise. I am not refusing to watch "fluffy" dogs. But I need you to commit to helping your pet lose weight and keep it off.

           * This is for the safety of all pets at Camp Canine. Without written proof, your pet will be refused.

       Spayed/neutered (Please see 'Services' for further information) I will make NO exceptions to this policy.

Do not ask. I do not care that you want to breed your dog when you get stateside or your husband just doesn't want you to do it. When we were young, dogs life spans were not as long as they are now. With the great advances in medical care..and pet medical care..dogs live nearly twice as long as before. With this advanced age comes the C word. Dogs are experiencing cancer at a much higher rate than ever before...because they are living longer. Pets that are not "fixed" are suffering from prostrate cancer, breast cancer and all the other cancers that attack the reproductive system. This is like playing Russian Roulette with your pet's life...Why? make a few dollars selling puppies...that may or may not find good, loving homes....because you think it will make your pet FAT.( Feeding your pet TOO MUCH FOOD will make him fat..not exercising him will make him FAT. )It will change him some how...yes it will. It will give him a chance at a longer, healther life. Letting them have one litter does not make them happier...they do not have a biological clock...or some unfulfilled deserve to have puppies... you want a puppy just like this wonderful, loving pet...(How many of your children are just like you...50%?..25%?..0%? How many of your brothers and sisters are JUST like you? Breeding your dog to get a copy of this great probably NOT going to get you that "copy" you are hoping for.)

    If you think you will just not mention if your pet is fixed or not and I discover your pet is not fixed, your pet will be turned over to your on island contact (or Karing Kennel)and ALL remaining boarding fees will be forfeited. I will NOT be responsible for your pet getting bred. It is your responsibilty to inform Camp Canine prior to pick up. (This applies to dogs over the age of 6~8 months). When you send in the reservation form it states that you have read the website and are willing to follow the rules and regulations of Camp Canine. This is one of those rules. (If you want to get it done but haven't been able to get an appointment, please check my services. I have a really good vet who can fix your pet while it is staying at Camp Canine.) 

  • Trimmed nails!* This is not just for my safety, but the safety of your pet, and of other pets that your dog will come in contact with. (please check out comments on nails on the pet tips page)

                  *If these(nails and flea protection are not done by the owner beforehand, they will be done at Camp Canine and the owner will be charged $35.00 for each service(trimming nails and frontline).                                     

  • Mandatory* reservation fee (25% deposit):
  • Starting immediately, once your reservation form has arrived, you have 5 working days to get the deposit to Camp Canine. If the deposit has not arrived you will be called or emailed to inform you your reservation has not been accepted. This will guarantee your dog a space at Camp Canine. Please note that if you reserve dates and suddenly cancel(less than 14 days before) your deposit will not be returned, I would have turned away other clients for the same time. If you were able to make a reservation without this fee, you are still responsible for a 25% cancelation fee.
  • If you return home earlier than planned, there is no refund for the unused portion of your fee. I agree to save your pet a position at Camp Canine for the days you request. I have turned people away to be able to take your pet for the number of days that you asked for. If I require a 2 week notice to refund your deposit, I require the same amount of time to refund your boarding fee. Do not return early and expect to say "Surprise! We missed our dog and plans changed. We are back early. Please have our refund ready when we pick up our dog."
  • During the Christmas Holidays 2007, I had a number of "no shows". They did not cancel. Not even "I am sorry...something came up". If you are a "no show", any future reservation from you must be accompanied with a 100% deposit.
  • For less than 14 days notice of cancelation, this deposit is non refundable.
  • A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. I try to help but I am not going to drop everything I am doing because you waited till the last minute to make "pet plans". They are like your children and like your children, should be thought of as soon as you decide to travel....not as an afterthought. 


To give you and your pet better service,

put your dog's name and your last name ONLY

on the subject line for a prompt reply

*click on envelope.. or write to Mary directly at:

or call Mary 090-7586-4001

Lina 090-7586 8845

from the US call 619 618 0333

This number rings here in Okinawa. Please check your World Clock to find out the time here. Do not call between midnight and 6 AM (Okinawa time) unless it is an emergency.

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