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Boarding/Reservation Form

CAMP CANINE...just like home!

For all your dog's needs...anytime

To reserve a place and to make sure your dog's stay is as comfortable as can be, please fill out the following form. Be sure to read and copy the 2 agreements at the bottom of this form, too. To return by e-mail, please copy and paste this form directly onto an email. Do NOT scan!..sorry the form is not interactive at the moment but we are working in it. Your space at Camp Canine won't be reserved until this form has been returned with the 25% deposit. Apologies for any trouble it may cause. Thank you.

Attention: when you send this form back to [email protected] ,use your dog's name and your last name ONLY as the subject line on email. All other emails will be returned. This will enable me to give you and your pet the best service possible.

Reservation form


A 25% deposit is necessary to hold your reservation. All remaining payments are to be made in full in advance.

Returning this form means you have read the website and agree with all the policies stated within.

Reservation form for boarding

Please email a copy to CampCanine and bring a

a signed copy at time of pick up.

Pets' Name

Owners' name(first and last name)

Please list both owners, especially if you and your

spouse use different last names.




Breed(if a mix…what seems to be the main breed)




Does your dog have any medical issues or recurring

health problems?

Medicine? What is it for? How often is it taken?

All medicine must be brought in the original containers with the original labels with a complete med schedule.

Name and phone number of your vet?

(I will not use your vet , but I want my Japanese vet

to be able to contact yours, if needed)

Spayed/Neutered yes no


(If not, spayed/neutered see requirements page)

Shots are up to date yes no

Kennel cough shot(only good for 6 months yes no

I need a copy of the shot record or receipt from

base vet.

FOOD (You furnish your pet's food. But if you miscalculate...)

What brand of dog food?

What type of food?

How many times a day?

How much food at each feeding?

("A scoop is not a measurement. DON"T send a

scoop when you send food. Measure your scoop

and tell me how big the scoop is. 1/4, 1/2? 1 cup?)

If the food is for an allergy, what is your dog

allergic to?

The following are REQUESTED SERVICES

(There is a fee for these services. Please check

the "SERVICES" page for further info. Check ONLY

if you want me to do any of these.

Please note that I file most dogs nails and you are

charged $10 for this service. If you have your dog

groomed the day before he comes to Camp Canine

and they are not short enough…(most groomers do

not trim them short enough…especially black nails)

I will trim them again. Please read in the "hints"

why I do this. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Grooming yes no

just shampoo____ shampoo and trim____

social trim(stomach, inside of legs, bottom, foot) _____

Spay/Neuter yes no

(If you haven't been able to get an appt on base or

you are having trouble getting the time from work.

It can be done while you are on vacation.)

Fill out the medical release form for this.

Check out the Nav bar on the left to find this form.

Pick up/Delivery yes no

(Check available locations for pick up/delivery.

Locations are listed below)

You are responsible for any damage your dog does. This does not mean normal wear and tear...normal dog stuff. This is referring to major damage. Holes in the carpets, kennels torn or clawed apart(no longer usable), chair legs missing, clothing chewed up, screens torn apart, etc.) If your dog has major issues causing damage, you need to inform us prior to registering. If we know there are problems, we can make arrangements to avoid them.


Female/female aggressive yes no

Child(ren) aggressive yes no

Food aggressive yes no

Food driven yes no

Male Aggression yes no

Alpha/ Dominant yes no

Loud noise Sensitivity yes no

Nervous Urination yes no

Excessive barking yes no

( All dogs bark. This is about dogs who just bark for

no good reason and most of the time)

…In what kind of situations

A jumper/escape artist? yes no

(This is not about dogs that jump up on people

when they are excited. This is about dogs that try

to jump fences…escape whenever a door is opened

…escape enclosers. I can't protect them against

this, if I don't know what to expect.

Sensitive stomach

If yes, what happens? Diarrhea? Vomiting? yes no

Housebroken yes no

completely housebroken yes no

still working on housebreaking yes no


Crate trained? yes no

When do you crate? To sleep? yes no

Being left alone? yes no

How long is your dog left along during an average?

Is he crated at that time?

Is he crated at night?

Given free run of the house?


filled out COMPLETELY)

Phyical home address/location

FPO Address

Military Unit address/Unit phone/DEROS

Best time to reach you?

Work tel

Who do I ask for? Rank?

Home telephone?

Cell #


A responsible person on island I can contact

while I am watching your pet/pets

(Make sure your on island contact will be

available during the time you will be gone

and knows you have listed them.)



Physical address:

(Must fill this out completely)

Attach include 1 or 2 pictures of your

pet to this form This is a MUST!!!


(Please check the list of available pick up/delivery

locations to the right)

Please call and reconfirm exact time 1 day in advance.

PCS Express delivery time is 6AM~10AM

For any other times please request in writing.

Pick up location:

(please check list of available locations)

1.Camp Foster( American Legion gate)

2.Kadena Gate 1 Welcome Center parking lot

3.Kadena Gate 2 Parking lot right outside gate

4.Camp Kinser Gate 1 Parking lot outside gate

5.Seaman's Club Parking lot outside of Naha airport

6.Off Naha Airport Expressway Exit #A3(ask directions) This is our half way point.,

* I have read everything covered on this website and

agree with all the policies in effect.

* I realize that all care and safety will be used in caring

for and handling my pet. I will not hold Camp Canine

responsible for anything beyond their control.

* Customers provide all foods, treats and medication.

* Reservations require a 50% deposit of the total fee:

Reservations - Deposit. To cancel the reservation,

customers are required to give more then 10 days notice.

The 25% deposit fee is non-refundable, unless 10 days

notice is given.

* Customers who are going to be late returning from

vacation must inform Camp Canine by e-mail and

receive a reply, to confirm it was received. Customers

who fail to inform Camp Canine of any unscheduled

delays will be charged an additional $15.00 fee per day past original return date.

* Customers are responsible for any damage caused by their dogs.


* In an event of an emergency,Camp Canine

will seek medical care at an off-base veterinarian.

Camp Canine will then contact the customer, and provide them

with a medical/prognosis report. The customer is required to sign

this agreement. If there will be an elective surgery( i.e. spay or neuter),

the medical release form (see link below) must also be filled out and


The customer is responsible for the payment of all veterinarian

fees and medication(for emergency care) within 10 days of returning

to Okinawa.

Elective surgery fees must be paid at the time of drop off.

Medical Release Form(for elective surgeries ONLY

for elective surgeries ONLY!(i.e.spaying/neutering) )

*I accept all of the terms written in this agreement.

* I give permission to Camp Canine to seek medical care.

Date: ____________ Signature: ______________________


Cell 090 7586 4001

Stateside number 409 356 5187

For Early Reservations - Deposit Fees

THESE are NOT prices. Only 25% deposit to hold

your pets space at Camp Canine




The remainder is payable at the time your pets

are picked up for their stay.


when you email please put your dog's name and your last name ONLY

as subject for ALL mail to receive a prompt reply.


Thank you for using CampCanine

I looking forward to seeing you and your dog soon  " method="post">

SubmitSubmit" border="0" name="submit" alt="Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!">

UP TO 1 WEEK STAY - $29                UP TO 2 WEEKS STAY - $58

UP TO 3 WEEKS STAY - $87              UP TO 4 WEEKS STAY - $116

This is a chart to estimate the deposit needed to place your reservation. THIS IS NOT THE TOTAL COST OF BOARDING! The remainder is payable at the time your pets are picked up for their stay.

Thank you for using CampCanine - I looking forward to seeing you and your dog soon  


To give you and your pet better service,

put your dog's name and your last name ONLY

on the subject line for a prompt reply